ESG Lens enables you to identify ESG factors and organize topical information into clusters using SASB Standards designed for investors.

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors have become increasingly important for companies, investors, and society at large. As more attention is being paid to sustainability, climate change, social justice, and corporate responsibility, ESG data is becoming essential for making informed decisions and managing risks and opportunities.

However, the sheer amount of data related to ESG factors is overwhelming, and traditional methods of data analysis are often inadequate. That's where ESG LENS comes in. ESG LENS is an AI-powered ESG data analytics platform that uses Generative AI to discover hidden insights in unstructured data related to ESG factors.

ESG LENS is a daily basis ESG intelligence service that monitors over 10,000 companies all around the world and measures the risks and opportunities embedded in the ESG signals. By using advanced machine learning algorithms, ESG LENS is able to identify potential or emerging risks and opportunities related to ESG factors, even in large volumes of unstructured data. This enables companies and investors to make data-driven decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities.

With ESG LENS, you can access a wealth of ESG data and insights that would be impossible to gather and analyze manually. ESG LENS provides customizable ESG dashboards that enable you to track and monitor the ESG performance of your portfolio companies, competitors, and industry peers. You can use ESG LENS to analyze and compare ESG ratings, scores, and metrics across companies, sectors, and regions. You can also use ESG LENS to identify ESG trends and patterns, such as changes in ESG regulations, consumer preferences, or stakeholder demands.

ESG LENS is designed to be user-friendly and flexible. You can integrate ESG LENS with your existing ESG data sources and platforms, or use it as a standalone solution. You can also customize ESG LENS to meet your specific ESG data needs and preferences.

Uncover ESG factors in unstructured text data through ESG LENS

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